Stand Indivisible.

The Indivisible Guide team's mission is to help local groups of activists resist the Trump agenda through a defensive congressional strategy focused on their own members of Congress.

As former congressional staffers and advocates, we want to help provide local activists with information, tools, and support to take action. Most of all, we want you to be part of this nationwide movement. Together we can resist, and together we will win.

Let us be clear: donating is the last thing we want you to do. If it’s a choice between going to your local group’s meeting or donating to us, please go to the meeting. Really.

Your support will allow Indivisible to:

  • Grow a full-time team
  • Host 25+ local organizer trainings in 2017
  • Deploy back-end system for group connectivity and communications for 5,000+ active groups

Which enables impact:

  • Engage 2.5 million visitors to monthly
  • Double reach to 10K local groups
  • Put pressure every week on members of Congress in every state
  • Amplify thousands of local and national news stories about resistance to the Trump agenda