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Ethics and Democracy

Indivisible on the Senate Republicans Blocking the Women’s Health Protection Act: ‘Heartless Scumbags.’

Republican Senators, even the ones who lie and claim to be pro-choice, are heartless scumbags who clearly couldn‘t care less about protecting the constitutional rights of the American people. These same senators are the reason why the Supreme Court is stacked with a similarly heartless conservative majority who share their disdain for the constitution.

The Indivisible Project’s Statement on the End of Ketanji Brown Jackson Confirmation Hearings

As the Senate moves closer to a floor vote to confirm Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson to the Supreme Court, two things are blatantly obvious: her qualifications are impeccable and despite that, Republicans are committed to making a fool of themselves. In the midst of their thoroughly disrespectful questioning of Judge Jackson, she nevertheless displayed her sharp intellect, patience, and commitment to the law. 

The Indivisible Project’s Statement on President Biden’s State of the Union

We’ll be keeping up the heat on President Biden to move his legislative agenda through the Senate while simultaneously using his executive authority to swiftly and significantly improve people’s lives through climate action, lower drug prices, fighting predatory loans and more. And as the results in tonight’s primaries showed, there’s a new guard of progressive voices that need our support to make it to Congress and help Biden deliver on his agenda.