Defund Trump’s Mass Deportation Machine

Trump is out of control, and his radical immigration enforcement budget is yet another example. It uses billions of your tax dollars to rip families apart. And to fund his deportation machine, Trump slashes funding for priorities like education, environmental protection, and healthcare. If you’re interested in resisting the Trump Agenda, you can start by resisting his mass deportation machine. Here’s what you need to know.

Trump’s proposed 2018 budget is a vicious attack on critical programs in almost every corner of the federal budget. It slashes funding for public education, repairing roads and bridges, and life-saving medical research, as well as Food Stamps, Medicaid, the Child Tax Credit, and other investments that keep struggling families afloat. And it would break Trump’s promise not to cut Social Security.

But there is one part of this shameful budget that calls for a splurge—mass deportation. Trump is asking Congress to pour $23 billion of your tax dollars into the boots, walls, and detention facilities that make up his out-of-control deportation machine. Trump’s budget cuts vital investments in families and communities to pay for an anti-immigrant campaign designed to spread fear and tear apart communities.

The good news is Congress—not the President— decides how federal funds are spent. Trump’s budget proposal is just that: a proposal. It is non-binding. That means your MoC can decide to make or break Trump’s wall and deportation force with the power of the purse—and so far they have sided with Trump.  Members of Congress need to hear from their constituents that they refuse to have their tax dollars used to fund hate.

At a time when unauthorized border crossings are at record lows, the House Appropriations Committee approved a bill that matches the vast majority of Trump’s anti-immigrant requests.


Funding for Trump’s Deportation Machine How that Money Could be Spent to Solve Real Problems
$1.6 billion for construction of Trump’s border wall Cover 1 million uninsured children through the Children’s Health Insurance Program
$4.4 billion to expand prisons for immigrant famlies Serve 5 million more kids through the National School Lunch Program
$185.6 million to hire 1,000 additional ICE officers and 606 support staff Replace 37,000 lead water pipes, like the ones that poisoned Flint, Michigan, families
$100 million to hire 500 new Border Patrol agents Could Give nearly 12,000 toddlers access to quality early education through Head Start

These requests would divert funding from crucial programs on which working families rely, to fulfill Trump’s. When it comes to protecting our immigrant neighbors, the hearts and minds in Trump’s White House are a lost cause—they are committed to an obsessive crusade against immigrants and refugees.

Congress can and should act as a check on Trump’s runaway deportation machine, starting with its budget. No matter who your Senator or Representative is, they will at some point have to vote to approve an FY2018 spending bill. That choice might come before them as early as the end of July.

Call your MoCs today and let them know that no budget that includes increases to Trump’s deportation force or any funding for Trump’s mass deportation agenda should get their support, even if that means withholding the votes needed to avert a government shutdown. Tell them you want a federal budget that invests in families, not fear.


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