Health Care

GOP Misdirection: Senators are Quietly Deciding the Future of Healthcare Without Public Input

Republicans are wondering if the public is distracted enough by Russia that they’ll be able to ram their ACA-repeal bill through. If they see an opportunity, they will try to take away health care from millions of Americans.

Once again, we must stand-up and fight back. We must show the GOP the exact breadth and depth of our resolve. If we don’t do this, if we don’t fight back, then the GOP will think that TrumpCare is no longer a priority for their constituents. And they will push ACA repeal through the Senate as soon as they return to D.C.

Republicans are negotiating in secrecy.

GOP Senators are deciding the future of the American health care system without following formal processes or seeking public input. Right now, GOP Senators are secretly cutting deals on TrumpCare through informal working groups which are aimed at gaining support for TrumpCare from any hold-outs. These working groups do not include a single female Senator—Republican or Democrat. As the President of Planned Parenthood, Cecile Richards, said, “When women aren’t at the table, they are on the menu.”

Republicans don’t want public input.

The Senate has not held public hearings or listening sessions on TrumpCare. They have not asked for feedback from any of the key stakeholders—not from the public, from children’s or disability rights groups, from providers, nor from small business owners. In short, the GOP is not interested in the opinions of the families or health care providers who will live out the consequences of the GOP’s decisions everyday.

We must send our MoCs a clear message. We must show them that the reason the American people consider health care a do-or-die issue is because, for so many of us, it is just that. And accordingly, the American people expect Senators to take the health reform process just as seriously.

Demand that your Senators work on this bill in an open and transparent fashion.

Demand hearings with experts and careful consideration of the impacts on all facets of American society, not just the rich who benefit from tax breaks.

Demand that all members of the Senate, not just an all male working group, are allowed to participate in debate and offer amendments. This includes Democrats.

Demand that your Senators propose a piece of legislation that provides equal or better access to affordable, comprehensive healthcare as the Affordable Care Act does.