Oppose Scott Pruitt for EPA Administrator

Letting Scott Pruitt run the EPA is the environmental equivalent of letting the fox guard America’s hen house.

As Attorney General of Oklahoma, Pruitt has sued the EPA not once, not, twice, but 14 times! He’s sued to stop the EPA from enacting regulations that would protect our air, water, and climate.  He’s even sued to stop EPA rules that would clean up smog at our National Parks. He fundamentally doesn’t believe in the role of the EPA.

Pruitt has been leader of the effort to stop EPA’s Clean Power Plan. This critical initiative, led by EPA, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions is essential to combating climate change. But Scott Pruitt denies the scientific evidence about climate change, questioning “the degree and extent of global warming, and its connection to the actions of mankind.”

Not surprisingly, he’s working hand-in-glove with the coal and oil industry. Fossil fuel donors have given hundreds of thousands of dollars to Pruitt’s campaigns, even co-chairing his re-election. In return, Pruitt has lobbied on their behalf, coordinated legal strategies with them, even allowed lobbyists from Devon Energy to ghostwrite correspondence from his office, on his official letterhead, to EPA.

What can you do to block Pruitt’s confirmation?

Scott Pruitt will need to be confirmed by the full Senate to be appointed administrator. Make sure your Senators know you oppose his confirmation. Call them today, organize, visit their regional offices, and don’t stop making your voice heard until they listen! Our health, and that of future generations, hangs in the balance.