Oppose Steven Mnuchin for Treasury Secretary

Wall Street’s Favorite Nominee. Putting a former Goldman Sachs banker and hedge fund billionaire in control of the Treasury Department would set loose the biggest alligator the D.C. swamp has seen yet. At every opportunity, Mnuchin has taken advantage of vulnerable people in order to enrich himself. He will do the same to the American people if confirmed. 

Foreclosure king. Mnuchin made millions off of the misery of American families by aggressively foreclosing on desperate homeowners during the depths of the housing crisis, including suing to foreclose on a 90-year-old woman’s home for a 27 cent payment error. 

Racist history. Under his leadership as Chairman, subprime mortgage bank OneWest faced allegations that it consistently violated the Fair Housing Act by systematically refusing to locate bank branches in areas with high populations of racial minorities and refusing to grant mortgages to people of color.

What can you do to block Mnuchin’s confirmation?

Steven Mnuchin will need to be confirmed by the full Senate to be appointed Treasury Secretary.  Make sure your Senators know you oppose his confirmation. Visit their regional offices, go to their public events, and call them today. They represent you, not Goldman Sachs.