Oppose Jeff Sessions for Attorney General


Caller: Good morning/afternoon! Can you let me know the Senator’s position on the nomination of Senator Jeff Sessions to become Attorney General?

  • Option 1: Has stated support for the nomination OR has not taken a position

    Staffer: Thank you for calling! Senator Bob supports the nomination of Jeff Sessions to become Attorney General OR has not yet decided whether to support or oppose Jeff Sessions’ nomination.

    Caller: That’s unacceptable. 

    It’s important to me that the Department of Justice treat everyone fairly. Senator Sessions has a long record of racism, homophobia, hatred of immigrants, and disrespect towards women. He is also the architect of Trump’s Muslim ban, which is shameful and unconstitutional. A vote for Senator Sessions is a vote to turn back the clock on civil rights.

    Staffer: Cabinet appointments are at the discretion of the president, and Senator Bob respects that tradition. Senator Sessions is well-regarded by his colleagues and has stood up for both civil rights and public safety.

    Caller: Senator Sessions has a long record of racism. He is anti-immigrant, anti-woman, and anti LGBT. He also supported gutting the Voting Rights Act, one of the achievements John Lewis and Dr. King marched for. He is the wrong person to lead the Dept. of Justice. Does Senator Bob want to protect civil rights for all Americans?

    Will Senator Bob commit to voting no on the confirmation of Jeff Sessions?

    Staffer: I will certainly pass on your concerns to the Senator.

    Caller: Thank you. I will be watching to see what the Senator does on this issue.


  • Option 2: Has stated opposition to the nomination

    Staffer: Thank you for calling! Senator Bob opposes the nomination of Jeff Sessions for Attorney General.

    Caller: That’s great! I’m calling to say that if Senator Bob truly believes, as I do, that Jeff Sessions is unfit to serve in this important position, then he should continue to take a strong stand against the bigotry and corruption we can expect to see from this administration.

    If Senator Sessions is confirmed, I will expect Senator Bob to defend African Americans, immigrants, Muslims, the LGBT community, and anyone else whose civil rights are put in danger.

    I’m happy to hear the Senator plans to vote no on this nomination. Will he commit to holding this administration accountable, even if the Department of Justice doesn’t?