Tell Your House Representative to Stand Against the Muslim and Refugee Ban


Staffer: Congressman Bob’s Office! How can I help you?

Caller: Good morning/afternoon. I’m a constituent of Congressman Bob’s and I’m calling to ask what his position is on President Trump’s Executive Order halting refugee admissions and banning muslims.


Staffer: The Congressman hasn’t taken a position on procedural issues. But he has made a strong statement objecting to the Executive Order.

Caller: Great! I’m so glad to hear it. In that case, I’m calling to ask that Congressman Bob co-sponsor HR 724, the Statue of Liberty Values (SOLVE) Act. This bill would nullify President Trump's unconstitutional and discriminatory executive order, and prevent funding for implementation of the order.

Staffer: Thank you for your message, I’ll pass it on to the Congressman.

Caller: Thank you. I consider this issue to be tremendously important and I’ll be watching to see if Congressman Bob is doing everything he can to stop this unconstitutional Executive Order.


Staffer: Yes, the Congressman believes that more restrictive immigration controls are necessary to respond to the threat of terrorism. (etc, etc)

Caller: I’m deeply disappointed to hear that. This ban is a violation of our fundamental American values and everything that our nation stands for. This ban will tear families apart and hurt the most vulnerable people in the world. And it will also be a huge loss to America, which has always benefited from diversity and immigration.

Staffer: Thank you for your message, I’ll pass it on to the Congressman.

Caller: Thank you. I hope that Congressman Bob will reconsider his position and will publicly stand up to Trump on this unconstitutional, hateful Executive Order.


Note: As of 1/31/2017, many Members of Congress were still refusing to take a clear position on the ban. They have instead issued neutral or unclear statements, seeking to avoid giving a public comment. As a constituent, you are entitled to clear answers as to where they stand.

Staffer: The Congressman is monitoring the implementation of the ban.

Caller: What does that mean?

Staffer: The Congressman believes that we must strike a balance between safety and our values.

Caller: Can you give me a yes or no answer on whether Congressman Bob supports his ban?

Staffer: The Congressman is monitoring the implementation of the ban in order to reach a decision.

Caller: This ban was announced several days ago, and Congressman Bob has had plenty of time to reach a position. He owes it to his constituents to give us a clear answer on where he stands.

Staffer: I’ll pass that message on to the Congressman.

Caller: Thank you, and let him know that I am deeply disappointed that he is unwilling to speak out on an Executive Order that’s clearly unconstitutional and is a violation of our most basic values as Americans.

ScriptsCaroline Kavit